Musical Pal is a Music Network providing good new and used instruments and accessories along with sources to buy trade and sell instruments through several local dealers and Brokers.

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Ah, the old licorice stick. Artie Shaw played it so well that Lana Turner married him. We don't promise that, but...

Our experienced, professional staff is adept at working with anyone--youngster through adult--at any skill level--beginner through advanced.

Whether you want to be the next Lang Lang or Thelonious Monk, our piano program gets you up to speed fast...

You don't have to be Itzhak Perlman to enjoy the feel of pulling a horse hair bow across a Strad's four strings, so we...


Who doesn't want to tame the six-string beast? Let our professional instructors teach you rock, blues, jazz, country...



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Trombones cornets and more for $29.95 rentals with autopay. Alto sax $49.95 limited availability layaway available. some flutes and clarinet rentals available at $29.95 LAYAWAY NOW
Trumpet rentals $29.95- 39.95.  Yamaha Cornets for sale and rent!!  Violins and Violas for rent.

Bach Strad Trumpets used for sale!!  Getzens

Lots of Yamaha Flutes used and guaranteed for sale!!!!!     

Trombones, Yamaha alto sax, other saxes, oboe, Clarinets, 

YAMAHA FLUTES from $295.Open hole from $495  817-999-5372

Contrary Creek /Lakeside Baptist Area GRANBURY, TX  by APPOINTMENT !!

Base Courses​   Our experienced professional teaching staff is adept at working with anyone--youngster through adult--at any skill level--beginners on up .